Luke, Leia, Han, meet Zeb, Ezra and Kanan

As Disney and Lucasfilm gear up for the next big-screen adventure in the “Star Wars” saga, the companies are rolling out new characters set to debut this fall in the new animated series “Star Wars Rebels.”

Over at, we’ve got pictures and video links detailing these characters and what role they’ll play in the “Star Wars” universe.

Check it out.

And may the force be with you.

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You know we cover Lewiston, Porter, Youngstown, Ransomville, Sanborn, Wheatfield, Town of Niagara, Grand Island, etc., catch your breath … we know it’s a lot.

But. …

Did you know our website also covers news from Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Tonawanda and other parts of WNY? It’s true!

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So, who’s watching ‘Helix’ with us?

It’s suspenseful; it’s smart; it’s got that weird music; it’s downright gore-rrific.

We have a batch of articles, including interviews with Billy Campbell, Kyra Zagorsky, Jordan Hayes (“Helix”) over at

If you like the show, and you check out the articles, then drop us a line or two!

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Catch up with the singers on season 5 of NBC’s ‘The Voice’

Do you love watching “The Voice”? Of course you do! Do you want to learn more about this season’s singers? Of course you do! Check out our “Voice” page, complete with interviews, pictures and the latest news.


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One (1) grand-prize winner will receive a prize pack valued at $100 (U.S.), including a $50 prize from Favorite’s Pizzeria in Lewiston, N.Y.

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One (1) third-prize winner will receive a prize pack valued at $50 (U.S.), including a $30 prize from Gary’s Pools.


Meet Courtney Corbetta


Courtney Corbetta is a Communications major and Theatre/Dance minor at Niagara University. She is 19 years old and from the town of Lewiston. Throughout the years Courtney has written articles for the NU Index,  Lewiston-Porter Sentinel, and She has been named as one of the Niagara Gazette’s Young Woman of Distinction and has also been acknowledged as Niagara University’s twenty most intriguing students. Currently she is interning with as she aspires to one day be a news broadcaster.

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